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Hardesty, Inc. has been actively engaged in the commercial mechanical industry since 1975. Founded by Hugh Hardesty and his partners, the company has migrated from humble roots in light commercial HVAC projects to a multi-million dollar company involved in some of the industry's most exciting commercial projects.


Our company's infrastructure allows us to undertake projects of all sizes, from a filter replacement service to a multi-storey construction project. The combining expertise of our sheet metal shop, construction department, and service department allow Hardesty, Inc. to provide quality, cost effective service to our varied customer-base.


The Construction Department at Hardesty is mainly focused on plan & spec and unit replacement projects under CapEx upgrades. We also offer design-assist and design-build projects, working more closely with property management to ensure their mechanical needs are satisfied. Our estimators and project managers work on their projects from the outset to ensure all of the design specifics are addressed accordingly. We have an experienced field staff covering a range of expertise to ensure the needs of all of our work is completed to the highest standards. With an equitable split between pipefitters and sheet metal mechanics, we are well equipped to staff all types of HVAC systems.


Hardesty's in-house Sheet Metal Shop is equipped with modern tooling and machinery to fabricate all types of ductwork, as well as curbs, caps and other custom-build metalwork. The shop is staffed with skilled, experienced workers, and helps us ensure our projects are well stocked, and remain on schedule. Our onsite warehouse and storage facilities enable us to stock our most common materials and stay ahead of schedule, particularly on large ductwork projects.


Our Service Department provides properties across the region with convenient, competent mechanical service, coordinated through our professional office staff. All of Hardesty's technicians are experienced and knowledgeable, with up-to-date training on a wide-range of mechanical systems. The skills of our service staff not only provide quality maintenance and repair work, but ensure the equipment we install is commissioned to its most efficient, effective performance level.


With the majority of our work in the DC metro area, Maryland and northern Virginia, Hardesty has established itself as one of the premier commercial HVAC contractors in the region. 


Hardesty, Inc. provides all of its services as a registered Class 'A' licensed mechanical contractor in MD, VA, DC, DE, PA, & WV. 

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