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Hardesty's Mission:


Over its long-standing history, Hardesty, Inc. has developed and maintained a multitude of professional relationships with some of the leading companies and personnel in commercial construction. These relationships are at the heart of Hardesty's success, and we will continue to strive for the preservation of these bonds through excellent standards of customer service.


Since its foundation as an incorporation, Hardesty, Inc. has strived to increase its services while upholding the quality and efficiency of our work. Our company has had to make adjustments to continue its success over 40 plus years, constantly challenging ourselves with new and innovative projects. Hardesty's staff maintain this progression through the use of the latest cutting-edge technology available in the industry, and applying it to the specific needs of our clients.


We maintain a very competitive pricing structure with low overheads and a reasonable margin of profit. This allows us to continue providing excellent customer service at an honest rate. This integrity is what has allowed us to continue on the course of a successful business model since 1975.


At the core of any successful project is the careful balancing of three imperative elements:


Quality. Cost. Schedule.


Hardesty, Inc. is committed to finding the harmony of these fundamentals and ensuring we endeavour to deliver on all of these aspects to the best of our ability. 

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